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KNX Kit - Problem in Detecting KNX interface
ok ... can you describe the physical connection (computer --> cross/straight cable ? --> switch (brand / model) ? --> cable type again --> ...............)

I've had once the same problem with a bad connection due to a gigabit switch. I've solved the problem by adding an old 10/100 switch (4 ports) between the gigabit switch and the IP/KNX interface. Don't forget that all the IP/KNX interface works at 10 Mb/s maximum and very often at 1Mb/s
On this old swich, I've connected my three IP/KNX interface and now everything works fine (more than one year)
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RE: KNX Kit - Problem in Detecting KNX interface - par pollux06 - 12/01/2016, 21:48:30

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