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KNX free app, smartphone android

sur google play, vous pouvez trouver de nombreuses application pour commander votre installation knx.

J'utilise Knx Free app, je la trouve facile d'utilisation.
[Image: wkyNdu8ZKnCH-pSY4OQz4Dy1Ephoues9ddWPcp2u...Gw=h310-rw]
[Image: k_1EhjxoJh8My1tzGXRcLFeoI1oRL2JtKyXUmrPZ...c4=h310-rw]

Il suffit de connaitre : l'adresse IP de votre passerelle IP/KNX, et les Identifiants dans votre installation.

le programme fonctionne ainsi ;
- vous prenez une photo de la pièce avec le smartphone.
- vous mettez une icone (lampe par exemple) sur l'image, et vous lui assignez l'identifiant de ce qu'il faut commander.
- La connexion passe via le wifi, jusqu'à la passerelle, pas besoin de serveur qui tourne en continu ;-)
Pour ceux qui ont déjà un serveur linKNX, l'application peut aussi l'utiliser.

la version gratuite : max 10 devices.
Citation :Description

KNX App is an easy and friendly application for controlling and monitoring your KNX home automation system over the internet.
KNX App allowes you to design your own visualized interface to controll your automated home system in the most comfortable way for you - simply add your floors, rooms or whatever you'd like, assign pictures to them, and add your devices on top - simulating their real location in your home.
You can view logs and graphs of recent activities, and analyze your home's "behavior".
KNX App has two approches to access your KNX home automation system:
1. Use a direct connection - KNX App will connect directly to your home's KNX Router.
2. Use a local server - KNX App supports access to Linknx server.
Using Linknx, KNX App offers more options:
View device's logs either as a list or graphically, view scenarios(rules), view scenarios's actions ,delete scenarios, add scenarios and more.
* All data is only saved locally on your device, User login is used to supprt multiple users on the same device. KNX App uses Google Analytics to anonymously track user activity inside the app, this will help us improve the app in the future
* When using Linknx you will be asked to enter your Linknx's server's Username and Password. The information is only locally saved and is needed to retrieve the Log files from Linknx
* Please follow the user guide on

* This is the free version of KNX App which supports adding up to 10 devices.

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