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KNX Kit - Problem in Detecting KNX interface
It's normal as you don't have the same network scheme between your interface and the Gira Tongue

On your first printscreen we can see that your computer is on the ip range and your Gira is on range.

If you want to communicate between your computer and the Gira they MUST be on the same IP segment. I don't understand why your DHCP server have assigned this IP ( to the Gira interface.

First check your DHCP server to see the assigned range (the first 3 numbers must be the same than the IP address of your computer). If the Gira does not ask for an IP to the DHCP, you will have to modify the IP of your computer (for example to access the Gira and then modify his parameters.

The best thing is to assign a fixed IP to the Gira outside your DHCP range but with the same scheme (3 first numbers) than all the other components of your private network.
Generally we use the scheme (or for a private network. With this scheme you can assign from to to any components of your network with no duplicate.

Once the Gira and your computer will be on the same IP address segment they will communicate together.
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