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KNX Kit - Problem in Detecting KNX interface
The first thing is to assign a fixed IP (outside the DHCP range).
After that you have to give the router a 'second' KNX physical address that will be reserved for the communication between the 2 networks (IP / KNX). This second physical address MUST be free and different than the physical address of the router in ETS.
Generally all the IP interface need 2 different physical address : one for the local connection and the second for the bus interface.

All these steps can be made under ETS5 (Bus page .... then interface on the left side of the window ... select your gira IP in the interface found list .... properties on the right of the window)

When you will give the second physical address, keep in mind that if your IP interface is able to have multiple IP connection, it will use a physical address for each connection.
For example if you set the physical address as 1.1.200, the first IP connection will use this adress, the second IP connection will use the physical adress 1.1.201, the third 1.1.202 .... ect
This is why I use the end of the range for the IP interface. ex : 1.1.250 for 5 connection IP interface (250 to 254)
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