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Version complète : 2 Power supplies in the same line
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I would like to know if anyone has experience of connecting two power supplies in the same line?
I'm asking this because I'm going to install a new knx installation in my home, but I would like to have a spare/redundant power supply, for if the main one fails I would connect the backup one.
The ideia is to put the two power suppliers in the cabinet, but only one is connected, the other one is disconnected in the circuit breaker, and would be connected if the main one fails.
What I would like to know is, if someone switchs on by mistake the circuit breaker of the second power supply, what would happen?

I don't know what will happen or what could happen.
A solution that could be considered would be to disconnect the unused power supply on the KNX bus side, the wago connector can be easily removed.

I learned in training that it was possible to install two power supplies on the same line if a distance was respected between these two power supplies, this distance is specific to each manufacturer

but if the power supply is sufficient, and it is just for redundancy, the solution of filou is the best
or simply add a changeover switch between the circuit breaker and the power supplies
The problem is that in this situation the electronics of the unused power supply will be powered by the 1st power supply, we do not know if the electronics are intended for this, while the power supply is intended to operate as a generator, there she's going to be a receiver