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Version complète : Hager TJA450 + TJA560
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I hope someone can help 

I currently have a set up with a TJA-450 server which I control using the Domovea app.  I have bought a TJA560 so that I can control the devices through Alexa / IFTTT.  

Do I need the project file from the electrician to import the project so that the TJA-560 can identify the devices?  Is there any way around this?

I have attached a screenshot of the KNX screen on the IOT controller (TJA-560)

Yes you will need to integrat the TJA560 in your project.

The good way to integrat it is in 3 steeps.

1) You insert the application program in ETS with an device adress (as usual for any new KNX device).
2) After, you prepare the fonctions of your TJA 560 (Sonos, Voice controle, etc...) in your TJA 560 Webapp.
3) Last, In ETS, you insert the TJA 560 objects in differents Group adress (for exemple a group adress to control a Voice control function, an other for an other voice control fonction, etc...).

And, after this 3 steeps, all will be OK and normally, all will running well.