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Version complète : Read alarm contacts what knx need hardware?
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INCERT approved alarm system (INIM brand). Using extension modules, I can read contacts, for example: Has the alarm been armed? Does the alarm go off? Are openings of doors / windows open? 

Now I would like to read these extensions of KNX expansion modules. What do I need for this? Is that a binary input (eg analog input)? Can you give 1 or a few specific examples? 
Overall, I would like to read 13 numbers of contacts: 10x status windows / doors, 1x fully armed alarm, 1x army alarm, 1x alarm goes off

Further, the question of whether to work with relays here. I ask this question because my install swears when using relays as security. For the time being, Omron MY2in-D2 12VDC relay. 

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