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Version complète : Amélioration/ajouts avec la norme KNX: version 2.1
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Publication reçu par l'association KNX :

4 années de développements depuis la v2.0...

- KNX Data Security and Security at KNXnet/IP level;

- New Profiles for the true support of Radio Frequency in ETS

- Making KNX RF more robust and future proof via the Multi extension

- New standardized KNX Datapoint Types for new application domains (e.g. DPT Prioritized Scene Control for load management)

- Flexible E-Mode Channels – an innovative way of allowing to extend the current E-Mode Channels with additional group objects and parameters;

- Functional Block Profiles, introducing the possibility for manufacturers to choose between different flavors of common application descriptions;

- Master Reset and Configuration Signature, allowing manufacturers to reset their devices to predefined factory states respectively allowing a counter to keep track of changes in device settings;

- Bringing existing mask versions to the IP level (e.g. Mask 57B0h)

- A completely overhauled Coupler 2.0 model, of which forthcoming KNX Tp1/RF Media couplers will be the first realizations;

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