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What are the option for voice control in a KNX home?
You can’t touch this! ??

As the world is leaning towards hands-free control, what are your option for integrating voice control into your KNX smart home?

There are definitely a lot of ways you can control KNX smart devices easily, but voice commands are absolutely one of the easiest and quickest—especially with Amazon AlexaGoogle Assistant and Apple Siri constantly adding support for more and more products. The limits of what’s possible with just your voice, without even leaving the couch or reaching for the remote, are constantly being shifted.

We have collected both commercial and open-source solutions to make it easier for you to stop tapping those wall switches ?
Hey guys,
Hope all of you are safe and healthy

The global pandemic has sure impacted our daily lives. But look on the bright side, we can now play more with our smart home gadgets ? To support the #stayhome cause, we are giving you something to play with during these long days:

#STAYHOME ? Free 1-month licence for the DIY BOX. Exclusive for online communities.

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