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Dimming up and down using Falcon and

I have been starting to install a KNX system in my house and also started to work on a visual interface using the Falcon library and I have managed to switch lights on and off, and reading status and values for group addresses, but, I can't manage to dim up and down lights.

I have tried sending values using the WriteValue, both as FourBit and TwoBit to group address associated with "dimming object", "value object" but nothing happens. The light neither goes brighter or "dimmer".

One thing I haven't really got my head around is if the value that is send is the actually value to be set, or is it how many steps you want the current value to change? Is there any one that have got this to work?

If it makes any different I'm using Schnider-Electric MTN649330 and MTN6710-0004.

Any help is appreciated.

Best regards,
Johan Christensson
Hey, you have to try with the 8bit value. It will send the right value on the bus. The 4 bits value is to say "a little bit higher " or "a little bit lower".
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