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Virtual Values on KNX with LinKNX

I have a radio controlled Thermometer which I can read from my Linux Box. I would like to use LinKNX to simulate a KNX based thermometer.
How can I do this? How can I define an actor with EIB components?
All I would like to know and do not know how to send a request to the KNX.

Well…basically I was using a iPhone Visio "MonoKNXControl" which allows to request the temperature over the BUS via a groupaddress.

I also have other devices connected, so for example a water detector or a door opener contact which I would like to use to interact with the KNX bus - e.g. if door is locked, turn of all lights off.

For more details: animated infographics
I think you could define an internal object in linknx.xml of your desired type and write a php script to use it for writing the value to that object. There are prototypes in the wiki.

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