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KNX Hardware not workng

Unless you reverted the power supply, I don't see any reason for the hardware to be faulty...

First, double-check your serial link: it is easy to use the wrong cable (normal <-> null-modem); don't know which one you need here (check documentation). Also check the parameters (baudrate, bits, start/stop...). I guess that whatever the KNX bus status is, you should be able to communicate.

For the KNX bus part, yes, you need to connect a power supply. And no, you can't use a regular power supply: you either need a KNX one, or use a shoke between a regular 29V power supply and you bus.

Once the KNX power supply is connected, your device should be able to communicate, even if there is no other device connected (you won't gate any answer to read commands, that's all).

Feel free to ask for more questions.


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