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KNX Hardware not workng
Hi Everybody,


I am new to KNX and has recently started some little work on KNX.
I have bought following items from Tapko Technologies GmbH

1. SIM-KNX Module

I have connected SIM-KNX-EVAL to Serial Port of Desktop Computer and tried to send commands through the Test Application given by Tapko (developed in VC++). However, the SIM-KNX-EVAL is not responding (I have checked the serial port working and it is working well).

Also I am not getting any signal on KNX Bus. Please help me on how to resolve this issue.

a. Am I doing any mistake here?
b. Do I need to connect any External KNX Power Supply to make it working?
c. If Yes, can I use normal Regulated Power Supply?
d. Do it need to connect any KNX Enabled Device / Appliance?
e. How to make sure that the Device which I have bought are working perfectly?

Waiting for your suggestion.



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