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Version complète : KNXWEB 2.1 - installation problem
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I was running knxweb 0.9. with linknx .32 everything fine.

Now I tried to install knxweb2. I can see the web frontend, I see parameters etc.
But when I want to change a value in "Config Knxweb" or if I want to create a new design - I either get a "loading - please wait" .. or just no reaction with nothing saved.

Looking into Apache Log I see: /knx2/design_technique.php?action=createdesign&name=default&nocache=1475001686350 ..

I tried to install all php modules - not that easy as I am running Ubuntu 16
I followed your script in setting rights and ownerships of directories ... no success.

Please help!

There is a 'java something' option, somewhere; try to toggle it... It may helps.

trying to change permissions on the folder "knxweb" with

$ sudo chmod 777 -R /var/www/html/knxweb2/


Thanks - I tried both.
No improvement.

... ???
What browser are you using? Did you try another one?

Yes - i tried 3

The problems remain on my ubuntu 16 with php7.... I guess there are either not all php modules installed - or a different apache behavoir.

I installed on Raspberry - everything is working fine .... according to installtrio ;-)


for the moment, i have not testing with php7
it's probably "the" problem

look at the log file of php and send me the error in the knxweb script php